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TOP 20 FILMS OF 2017

Unoriginal opening sentence wherein I express the belief that 2017 was a fantastic year for cinema. Standard-issue follow-up statement relaying how this overwhelming number of great films made it difficult to narrow down my favorite titles into a manageable list of 20. Vaguely patronizing mention of the self-imposed "rule" that was applied during the creation of said list ("Must be titles that had a theatrical or VOD release in the U.S. during 2017"). Paragraph closes with a bit of whinging about how I've not yet seen PHANTOM THREAD, THE POST, or THE DISASTER ARTIST, and am thus unable to factor them into the list below*.

You tell me Soderbergh made another heist film, I go watch it. At this point I'm convinced he can make these in his sleep. 19. DUNKIRK
A Nolan film with minimal dialogue and exposition, and a ticking time-bomb of a soundtrack. Not my favorite of his, but it's quite good. 18. BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 Holy shit, Vince Vaughn…

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