Monday, July 24, 2006


Just got back from work, and was just flipping through the channels (my order usually goes: Cartoon Network -> VH1 -> MTV -> FX -> Comedy Central -> SpikeTV -> ESPN; then if nothing's on, AMC) when I ended up stopping at VH1 becasuse (a) they were playing a Radiohead video, and (b) they were playing "Fake Plastic Trees". Dammit, I love, love, love that song. I had not seen it in a while, it's probably been a few years at least. The video itself is kinda weird (isn't it always?). Thom looks creepy (but doesn't he always?). Sidenote: Thom Yorke looks like a younger version of Billy Drago, who played a creepy guy in... every single movie/TV show he's ever made. Perhaps they're related? It would explain the creepiness factor. Don't get me wrong, Thom. I'm still a big fan! Just don't eat me...

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the teaser for the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles CGI movie. I was hoping they'd stay more faithful to the comic version of the turtles (which was pretty violent and graphic), but it looks like they're sticking with the kids-friendly version. Oh well. I was still excited when I first saw it, though. I was a huge fan back in the days. Who wasn't? It was the equivalent of the Pokemon craze for our generation. Too bad Shredder won't be in it. That what I heard man, don't kill the messenger.

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  1. I have those original comic books but it's too bad I got a hold of them before I knew how to properly take care of them...

  2. dude... i was going to save up for a whole school year to get my own place but for a 60 inch plasma... I'll have to save up for... ... ... ...

  3. roar! hello! ooh la la, teenage mutant ninja turtles!!! i always had a crush on donatello. hahahaha. don't think i'm weird. "julie liked a turtle" :P


  4. 7-26-06

    Note to Denil:

    Today you stuck your finger out while I was sitting and I sat on your finger.

    Note to Dooj:

    Don't sit next to Denil.

  5. post already!
    btw, you still need to cross off A Scanner Darkly on your 2006 movie list.


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