Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am 8-bit

was awesome. The Wench already posted some pictures, so check them out. Here are some more that I liked:

Erik Siador - Metroid

Jim Rugg - Pro Wrestling

Buff Monster - Super Mario Bros.

Isaac Pierro - Luigi

Jim Emroca Flores - Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Joe Ledbetter - Double Dragon

Brandon Bird - TMNT

Brandon Bird - Harrison Ford and his Sega

Steve Purcell - Sam & Max Hit the Road

Lauren Crist - The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Mega Man
The captions say:
1. "Together we brought back the Triforce."
2. "I helped you get the girl."
3. "We conquered Dr. Wily!"
4. "Why can't I live in your world?"

Luke Chueh - Bubble Bobble
Di has this up already, but this is my absolute favorite piece so I'm putting it up too.


  1. It's funny that neither one of us put up Blaine's (or Jason Sho Green's -- I like the one he did last year)

  2. My favourites are luigi and the last one!
    They're real good!


  3. i am so shocked. these are super amazing. they let you guys take pictures?!? wow...all of these are sooooo good. man...


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