Monday, March 06, 2006

Lightning Bolt

Chuck Norris fact of the day: They were going to release a Chuck Norris edition of Clue, but the answer always turns out to be "Chuck Norris. In The Library. With a Roundhouse Kick."

Lakers won. Clippers lost. DAMN YOU KAVE-MAN!

Sam and Charles have potty mouths.

These girl scout cookies are crazy delicious.

Tennis was fun. My arm is still sore. Let's do it again.

Crash?! Are you kidding me? That is the most overrated movie since... Million Dollar Baby! And they're both written by the same guy!

I can't get behind that


  1. what was your pick for best film?

  2. man...i want girl scout cookies! i didn't know they were selling it. now it's too late.

    better than brokeback? which was supposedly the prediction/favor to win?

    besides, my film professor (who's crazy about film and knows everything and anything) says that the oscars isn't really much about the art and stuff put into each film, but really they give awards to whoever gave the best presents as in super expensive gadgets and stuff. but i like crash. that's a sierra movie. :D


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