Sunday, March 26, 2006

Brokeback to the Future

Chuck Norris fact of the day: In ancient China there is a legend that one day a child will be born from a dragon, grow to be a man, and vanquish evil from the land. That man is not Chuck Norris, because Chuck Norris killed that man.

Grace's baby shower was fun. Her roommate was nice. The "Liusagna" was good, particularly the long piece of hair conveniently sandwiched between the eggplant and... more eggplants. I met G-Rad. "I have so awkward!" Simpsons Clue is pretty great. Awesome gift. Oh, and can't forget about the Oh Show.

There was only one thing missing last night: GUITAR HERO. Someone get Grace an effing TV.

what planet is this


  1. hey! it wasn't my hair!! it was short and light-colored! boo...

  2. Shoot, that was CRAZY funny! ("Brokeback to the Future," not the hair)

    Dan, you be nice to Gracie-as. It was her birthday and she could get us lost and feed us hair if she wants to, darn it!!!!

    hee hee (sorry, Grace. I love you! =)


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