Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Movie Night #6

  • He's not as cool looking as that Korean guy from that other movie. No, but this guy is probably cooler than Lee Byung-hun in real life.
  • Wasn't he in Ichi the Killer? I hated that movie. I understand. But you gotta admit he was cool in that movie, even if you didn't like it.
  • Yeah, I guess. He could blow smoke out of his cheeks. That was cool. Indeed.
  • So, it's an action movie then? Just because he's holding a gun you automatically presume it's an action flick? Was Reservoir Dogs an action flick?
  • Geez, calm down. You're gonna give yourself a tumor. So it's not action. I hate you.
  • Are you gonna tell me what it's about or what? I'll make it short: Tarantino + Japanese manga + Snatch + a gay elf = this movie.
  • That's... I mean... my head's gonna explode. Grats.
  • Cuando? You're Mexican now? 8:00pm this sabado. That's Saturday for you gringos.


  1. I LOVED him in Ichi the Killer. He was so funny

  2. I'LL BE THERE ON TIME.. if im aloud to go.. HAHAHAHAA

  3. DANIEL!!!! i told you not this saturday! and you go ahead and do it!!! i won't be in fullerton! i seriously think you stalk me and get out of your way to look at my schedule somehow so i won't come to your movie nights. i are so sad.

  4. haha im always ontime *snicker*.


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