Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Cowbell

Today, some people had the nerve to ask me what my t-shirt means. How can they have not seen or heard of the classic SNL skit with Christopher Walken?! This is for you that have been deprived all these years:

don't fear the reaper


  1. see...
    i have seen that little thingy there ya see...
    and i find that the only cure for me is
    more hot cheetos cupcakes
    and cheesesticks please :)

  2. so nice to know there're people (like... 2) who enjoy my cooking~
    wait til you see the goodies for the next movie night!

  3. omg i just visited your site after a very long time and i just saw the picture of steve with tarantino and what u wrote about it and i'm cracking up laughing and can't stop. hehehehehehhehehe.

  4. WOW steve is soOo lucky! Don't worry'll randomly meet him soon too..and maybe even natalie portman. (:

    hahaha snl was very funny..

    and i DID NOT know you liked the strokes!!! i love the strokes! (:


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