Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dr. Tran

Graveyard shifts are over. Next week I'll be officially going back to regular day shifts. I have mixed feelings about this. It's good because I finally have a normal schedule again and I can actually do stuff during the day. But now I have to deal with Jerry, our nice but clueless supervisor and Brian, our imbecilic senior that everyone hates. And they'll be pushing me to do stupid sales crap like walking around with our "picks" and "surveying" customers. Ugh. Oh, and can't forget greeting every breathing specimen that walks into the store.

So uh, who wants to play with me? What the hell do you mean you have school?!

we're giving you soul power
I like it sweet and sour
when it comes to rhymes and beat designs
I'm at the control tower


  1. visit me in LA where the fun is at :)

  2. is dr. tran thing really a movie?!

  3. hahaaha, did he said, "girls are grody?"

  4. Dr. Tran site:


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