Friday, December 23, 2005

Grandma Death

As I was walking home this morning, I passed by an elderly lady that looked a lot like that crazy old woman from DONNIE DARKO, except she had shorter hair (but still all over the place) and she wore navy blue sweats. She had a confused look in her eyes, as if she was lost.

Oh, and she was holding a kitchen knife in her right hand.

As I passed her by, everything seemed to slow down like an effin' John Woo flick while my eyes were transfixed on that damn knife. After a few steps, I looked back to make sure she wasn't going to lunge on to my back like a granny ninja. She didn't.

I wonder where she is now. I wonder what the knife was for. I wonder if I was lucky.

where were they going without ever knowing the way


  1. fastball- the way.

  2. Ding ding ding. (it was easy)

  3. everybody dies alone.
    donnie darko is hot.
    sand gets bloody everywhere.
    hello from australia.
    our christmas is hot too...
    god i'm random!


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