Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ninja Loot

Those guys at Best Buy are pretty damn smart. They get you to work for them, thinking you're making pretty good money. Then they entice you with all these goodies that they have in their store as you "work" and make you buy them. So your Best Buy paycheck goes straight back to Best Buy. Those crafty bastards.

I got:

the Limited Edition, thank you very much; and more importantly:

the Deluxe Edition (duh -- never settle for less). I'm going through the special features right now. The cover is so cool. Almost as cool as the cover for the new uncut edition of Saw (the blood moves).

we are the image of the invisible


  1. whats that thing you bought (the first one before batman dvd thing)

  2. wahhh!!! those are the things that i have too!!!!! weeee!!! my friend works for thrice's company, so she got me their signatures on a poster that she gave me too and i got their CD for freeeeee!!!! woo hoo!!! yea batman and thrice~!

  3. oh yea...and you still need to visit me looser (spelling intended).


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