Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mr. Monster

Best Buy still hasn't given me the blue shirt. Stop segregating me! There was a storewide meeting this morning at 7:30am. Each department met with their employees to go over the holiday season expectations and junk. Nothing I haven't heard before. I worked at Toys R Us several Christmases ago, remember? If I can handle that, I can handle anything.

Movie Night went well. Over half of the people were late (as expected/predicted) so we restarted the movie after about 40 minutes. The guys who actually came on time had to watch the first third of movie twice. The movie was received the way I expected; some guys liked it, some guys didn't, some were traumatized, everyone was disgusted. Hah. I'm definitely planning on having more of these -- probably one every two weeks or so, at least once a month -- so stay tuned. I hope I didn't scare people off with Oldboy. I'll show some "happy" movies too.


Like Ichi the Killer.

and here I rest, where disappointment and regret collide


  1. favorite quote from the movie
    "when the music begins, gas is released."

  2. disparity, disparity.
    it's because you're asian.

  3. yeah... i think im in the digusted freaked out category.. HAHA

  4. That Old Boy movie really was scary if I remember correctly. I think I may have clawed my friend on her arm the whole length of the movie.


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