Sunday, September 18, 2005


I got the job.

Two weeks after the second interview, I finally got a call from Best Buy for the third and final interview. Turns out they've been really "busy." Whatevs man, I bet it was because Paul's been harassing them so much about me. Anyway, I went in yesterday, aced the two interviews (I had to do another second interview because apparently the other one didn't count... because he was the head of the computer department and I was applying for cashier...) and I got it. At first I was pissed about doing the second interview again but the lady that interviewed me recommended me to go in to the media department (DVDs, games, music, etc.), which was what I wanted in the first place so it turned out to be a blessing. I have to take a drug test on Monday (pee in a cup) then I have to attend an orientation and I'm officially in.

The sore throat is a little better now. I've been taking a lot of Advils. Yesterday I went to the beach for the jr high bonfire, which probably was a mistake since it was so cold there and I felt horribly weak afterwards. But with some food (Doritos) and rest (Adult Swim) I feel better now. Oh, and I had to drive one of the vans to the beach because we were short on teachers and I had to hear about it from little 8th grade girls who were being little jerks screaming about getting someone else to drive because I didn't have a license and I didn't know how to drive and they were all going to die. And they weren't even joking around. Jerks. You like my run-on sentence, jerks?


  1. congradulations on the job! and yea those girls... hey they got someone to drive there... tell them to relax.



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