Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dark Secret Number 764

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children should have been released theatrically, not that Sprits Within crap. It has some of the best action scenes ever to grace a screen, whether they're CG or live action flicks. The story didn't make any sense -- that could be because I haven't played the game since, oh, high school? Who cares, to me action flicks don't need great stories.

Got a nasty sore throat Tuesday night. It keeps reminding me of the bronchitis thing I had last year. Advil is my best friend.

Job hunt isn't going so great. According to Paul, I was supposed to get a call back from Best Buy last week. Roite. I applied to a bunch of places on Tuesday, but no call backs yet.

My copy of Oldboy finally came. Movie Night will happen soon.

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