Wednesday, August 24, 2005

By the Beard of Zeus

I've been out of touch with music these days. I don't know all the cool new bands. I haven't downloaded any music for about two months. Maybe I'm not "hip" anymore. (was I ever?) Maybe I'm just getting old. Or maybe I'm just playing too much WoW.

I finally applied (yet again) to Best Buy, after all the pestering from Paul and Grace. I finished it super fast because I was so used to filling it out. It's only my eighth time. I'm not crossing my fingers.

Speaking of Best Buy, they didn't have OLDBOY, which was released yesterday on DVD. Nor did Circuit City. Nor did the eight Targets in Fullerton. Eff you, Fullerton. Pho King. So I orderd it online, for less than $15 and for free shipping. Yeah, online shopping rocks. The only bad part is the waiting.

Tomorrow will be filled with: DVD watching (not OLDBOY), a hot shower, food, more job applicationing, and the Wench. Not necessarily in that order.


  1. What's OLDBOY? (Insert flame here)

  2. i couldn't wait, i bought the dvd from an anime store in torrance, that place can get you ANYTHING.


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