Monday, July 18, 2005


Episode 3: "Razorfen Kraul"

My, how things have changed.

Adrian has quit indefinitely. Pablo has stopped playing with us in favor of other people. But hey, that's okay. Life goes on.

Since we're all over level 30, last night we decided to head down to the pig-infested cave called RFK and kick some pork ass. Just in case you're confused by the pictures below, we chugged some potions from John that let us transform into human ninjas and pirates. Normally, we're all walking skeletons. (like me)

From left to right: John, me, Keisuke, Drew, and Brandon (one of Adrian's roommates)

See how happy we are even though we didn't have a healer? Huh? We didn't die once! You like that Pablo?!

Coming up on the next episode: RFD.

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