Monday, June 13, 2005

Slam Dunk

It was a nice little weekend.

MR. AND MRS. SMITH was actually pretty good. I gotta stop underestimating Doug Liman because he keeps surprising me with his action flicks. Who knew the director of SWINGERS would be this good at it? Oh and yes, Angelina Jolie was effin' hot in the movie. Now if she wasn't a total psycho she'd be perfect.

That guy that plays really rough basketball guarded Doojin. Yeah we love that guy. He deserves an Ong-Bak to his shoulder blade.

Started on a new WoW character on a different server with everyone. Andrew and Keisuke are still trying to get level 60 on their main ones, but they'll join us soon enough. Our new guild name: Blue Oyster Cult. "I could use more cowbell."

I got my final paycheck on Friday. It's just enough money for me to get a new motherboard and power supply for my computer. They mailed the check to Doosuan's house with a little note: "Please return your uniform." I wrote a simple reply: "Eff you." Really no point to it since they'll never see it.

This week:
Monday - tennis
Tuesday - dinner with jr high staff and BATMAN, bitches! On IMAX!
Wednesday - secret
Thursday - Sunny Hills graduation
Friday - church, praise practice


  1. i saw her and brad pitt at la.... she's intimidating looking.... very fierce... my girlfriend said after seeing angelina jolie, "screw brad pitt.. i'd do her"

  2. yea BATMAN! on IMAX! woot! it's tonight! and i had 2 hours of sleep! and i have a final tomorrow morning! yea! weeeee!

    secret??? heehee... ... ...


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