Sunday, June 05, 2005

Prince of Tennis

So tired. I played a lot of basketball games after church today. I have to say, some people take basketball way too seriously. Knocking people down just to get a rebound really isn't necessary. Can't we just play for fun? Remember that, FUN? The last game was the best. I actually didn't feel like crap after that game.

Still jobless. I can't believe I didn't get a single call this whole week after applying to so many places. Am I that bad?

No job, no school. So all I do now is pretty much play WoW all day. Level 40, got a mount, I'm able to wear plate armor... yeah, geek stuff. Moving on.

Diana and I decided to start playing tennis and we actually got the gear yesterday. We've been wanting to do it for like a year but nothing happened 'til now. I know some EM people get together and play every week, but we won't be joining them until we get good enough to compete. I already have a rival though - Paul Oh. He likes Sampras and claims to play like him (serve and volley). I like Agassi, who can actually win a game that he doesn't serve in. So it's ON. I'm going to be training like a mad man 'til the church tournament, when we'll face each other.

Time to go look up how to do a "twist serve."


  1. for a split second there, i was like "who's diana?"

  2. man... a guy watches some anime and thinks HE'S the prince of tennis.


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