Saturday, June 11, 2005


Say it with me boys and girls: "I love SPAM!"


Hey it's me again... I still can't fix my email so I keep using my friends, she's
getting mad at me but oh well ;-))
Anyways I went to the store the other day and met a cute girl, her name is Linda, and we started chatting for a while and then became friends :-)... She's going to come by my place today, she'll say hi to you on my webcam ;-) .... Cya there, oh and my page is at if you forgot .....

Kisses, bye... Julie


  1. WHO IS THAT???!!!
    give me her full name and social security number.

  2. No no, you're not gonna kill her.

  3. haha aww so cute :)... NO NO.NOT referring to the julie girl...

  4. ummm uhhhh ummmmm uhhhh.... no comment


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