Saturday, June 04, 2005

Lord Kazzak FTW

So a group of horde brought Kazzak, a level 500 boss, to Stormwind tonight.

I faced him at the keep.

He had already killed many unfortunate victims before I found him.

"A force field? Pfft. I have one too."

"Now that is one big sword. You tryin' to compensate for something, Kazzak?"

"Here I go. CHARGE!"

"...what happened?"

"My, what big wings you have."

"'Resurrect now?' You effin' kidding me?!"

"His hoof is bigger than my body. Time to logoff. Stormwind is screwed."


  1. ... are you serious? this is your geekiest post yet...
    a look into cho-san's nightly activities.

  2. teach me prease.


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