Friday, June 24, 2005

Another Effin' WoW Post

Episode 2: "The Wailing Caverns"

With the creation of the guild band complete, the four of us headed out to the infamous "WC," supposedly the safe haven for druids that "fell to the dark side." We were tasked with the purification of the caverns for the good of the mighty Horde.

Who cares. We just wanted some phat lewt.

Here we are in the entrance of the caverns. From left to right: John, Adrian, yours truly, and Pablo. And we are the Blue Oyster Cult. Need more cowbell, baby.

We went through and slaughtered everything in sight pretty easily. The boss was no challenge at all. His name should now be Verdan the Everdead. Ooh, burn.

After the conquest, we were heading out when we saw a night elf sleeping on a nice, cozy-looking bed made out of stone. So we did what any group of undead guys would do in that situation - we joined him.

edit: As you can read on the bottom left of the pic, Andrew (a.k.a. Softserve) was highly jealous that he missed out on a WC run. That's what you get for getting on the late bus, Drewbie.

Coming up soon on Another Effin' WoW Post: SFK, RFC, and more of teh ghey.


  1. haha. "you burst into dance."

  2. (thus BoF) it's a pretty good site. jet is the coordinator of the site. he maintains it and writes bunch of the stuff.


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