Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Since I have no TV, I have to download stuff I want to see off the Internet, so I'm always playing ketchup, err catch-up. Anyway, I finally saw the season finales for:

Two hours. No answers. The worst part is that I'm gonna have to wait 3-4 months to find out what happenens next. Or what doesn't happen. And Claire has now officially become the most annoying character on the show. All she does is cry, scream, and bitch.

I don't normally watch this show. I've seen maybe 5 episodes of reruns on SpikeTV (back when I had TV), and that was only because it was on before wrestling. But I liked what I saw. When I heard Quentin Tarantino directed the season finale, I knew I had to see it. Well it was very good, as I had expected. He should do more TV. I liked the dream sequence and the Dukes of Hazzard boardgame. Pure Tarantino. It's interesting to note that the season finales of both CSI and LOST had people, uh, exploding.

It's anime, but it is (Japanese) TV so it fits here. The best fansub group (WF) for this series has been seriously lagging as of late, so I had to grab the final 5 episodes from another group (SHRIMP). Their quality wasn't as good as WF's, but that was expected. All the fansub drama aside, the point is I finally watched the final episodes of the season, and they were good. Much like LOST, nothing really gets resolved in the finale, but SCHOOL RUMBLE is a comedy so it wasn't as bad. Plus I can always read the manga if I really want to find out what happens. I don't have that luxury with LOST.

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