Friday, April 22, 2005

Ninja Wizards

Yeah, I know it's stupid. But I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. No, really. My sense of humor is all over the map, yo.

What'll happen if it rains this Sunday? Will we have a picnic in the sanctuary?


  1. lol. thanks for that. hey, I was reading an interview w/Avril Lavigne in Cosmo and it reminded me of you.

    Worst Habit:Sometimes I don't listen when people are talking to me. My brain just kind of shuts off.

    Word she overuses: Fuck

    If She Wasn't a Rock Star, She's Be: A cop - I remember thinking it would be really cool to be one when I was younger.

    Phobias: Sharks...and the dark. Sometimes I sleep with the light on.

    ---God, I have too much time at work.

  2. hmmm... the parallels between Avril and Dan. Quite funny.

    Hope it doesn't rain - have a brilliant time at the church picnic. The best day of the year.


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