Friday, April 29, 2005

Even Artichokes Have Hearts

My computer has been acting like a four-year-old kid that just had his lollipop stolen. All signs point to a virus in the system, but I've scanned it a hundred times without anything popping up. Now I'm thinking something is just wrong with the hard drive. Fried, perhaps.

I finally got fed up and didn't want to deal with that crap anymore. So I shut the computer off and watched AMELIE for the 18th time.

Ahhhhhhhh. Gotta love a movie that puts a smile on your face.


  1. did you know katie holmes always had a little crush on him?! EW!!!!! anyway i thought she was smart until i found out she started dating tom cruise...maybe she's going through a stage. yeah i was ewing at tom cruise. short guys like that get the girls because of the money i think? i don't know i personally can't date guys shorter than me so yeaaa~

  2. MIHOW i love white ninja i want to date him and have him all of him in one big piece and his WING WONG!lol
    byee(L) love you white ninja


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