Sunday, April 24, 2005

Badah World

Last Saturday, we took the 7th graders to Sea World. As you can see, they were thrilled.

They got see Shamu, and, uh... Baby Shamu.

I prefer the dolphins. They're so much better.

Stupid seals. So loud and annoying. Look at his eyes. He's hungry. For human flesh.

At the end of the day. They're wet because they just "saved Atlantis* from the evil forces of the sea."


A low-level ninja tried to buttsniff the master ninja. Little did he know, the master ninja had a surprise in store for him in the form of an invisible cloud. Silent but deadly, indeed.

*Atlantis is a water ride similar to Splash Mountain from Disneyland. I hate how they feel they have to create backstories to these rides. This one was no exception, and after the big drop, the "narrator" would announce that the passengers just "saved Atlantis." How the hell did we save Atlantis by coming down a hill on a raft? Did the drop create a vortex for the "evil forces" to be sucked into another dimension?


  1. oh yes, those kids look very excited about sea world :)

    yea i prefer the dolphins better although i've noticed everytime i go to sea world, that the tricks that the dolphins do get so minimal (that didn't make sense) anyway~

    you're sarcastic comment about saving atlantis cracked me up!

  2. sir, you posted the same thing twice.

  3. That's the girlfriend for ya. Full of love and encouragement.


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