Thursday, April 28, 2005

American Psycho

"He's here."
"The Batman."


On to something that's awesome on a completely different level, check out this perfect parody of Final Fantasy VI* (with game consoles), made with Flash. It's pretty long, so get comfy.

*Best. Game. Ever.


  1. did you know katie holmes is now dating tom cruise?!!! EEW!!!!!

  2. weee! it got pulled back 2 days! yay! daniel cho cho cho!!! i want to watch it with you!!! oh may i?

  3. Minhee: Eew indeed. Unless you're eew'ing at Katie Holmes, then I take it back. How does a guy that short get girls like her? Oh right, the millions in the bank.

    Dee: Oh, you may.


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