Tuesday, March 29, 2005

T & L

"Did they make it?"

Watched Thelma & Louise in Contemporary Cinema tonight. At the end of the movie, a retard asked the above question out loud. Isn't it funny that you can call people retards unless they're actually, you know, retarded? Then people get upset. I disgress.

Our professor didn't show up again. This is his third time. Mind you, we only meet 13 times during the semester. And I also have him for my other class on Thursday night, Media Aesthetics, which he cancelled. He's apparently having a high blood pressure flare-up. How does this guy still have a job? He did get someone to cover for tonight's class, and it happened to be this guy I had last semester for Intro to Boring Crap (actually Intro to Broadcasting). Remember him? I sure do. He was actually a lot better this time around. I think he's more comfortable talking about movies. He teaches Intro to Filmmaking and World Cinema so I'll be seeing him next semester.

Oh, the movie was alright. It's the ultimate feminist flick. Watching it, I was reminded of a quote from a far better movie (in my opinion):

"I'll tell you one thing. Men are bastards. After about ten minutes I wanted to cut my own penis off with a kitchen knife."

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