Monday, March 14, 2005

Me So Thorny

I had to pay $300 for the electricity bill, EVEN THOUGH I was told I didn't have to pay for utilities when I first moved in. Ri-fucking-diculous.

I'm playing yet another Star Wars game. At least I'm not playing a Jedi in this one. I was getting kinda sick of those lightsaber sound effects.

Work is getting a liiiiittle bit better. I'm getting used to working in satellite (the little snack-bar on the side of the theaters) by myself. I sing to myself - it helps pass the time. I'm also getting used to standing for eight hours. But I still hate my job.

I'll be leading praise for jr high again. Looks like I've been "demoted" due to not coming to teachers' meetings and just not having enough time for teaching in general. I think it's fair, although I wish I could've at least finished the school year with the kids. I guess I'm better at praise than teaching anyway. Feel bad for Paul though.

Check this out: Fullmetal Alchemist with FFXI characters. Some guys are way too clever. And lonely.

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