Saturday, February 26, 2005

Take Me to Your Leader

Here's a little taste of the crap I have to deal with:

"That'll be $10.22."
"Wait, how much was that water?"
"$3.25?! (turns to her boyfriend) Are you that thirsty?"
"$3.25 for a bottle of water... you guys should be ashamed of yourselves!"
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm very ashamed of myself. But you know, there's nothing I can do about it. It's not like I set the prices myself."
"Hmph. (hands me $10.25) Keep the change. This is a total ripoff."

Also today, a rude customer threw a water bottle at a girl that works here because she thought it was too expensive. Now, what did that accomplish? Not a damn thing. Did she think somehow the girl would sympathize with her and give her a discount after being pegged in the head? Some people need to be strangled.

Do you wanna know why everything is so expensive when you go to a theater? Well, here it is. Let me hit you with some knowledge.

Usually when theaters sell tickets for movies (especially big movies like STAR WARS), that money goes straight back to the studio for that particular movie, at least for the first two weeks. The theater starts getting some of it, say 50%, and gets more and more as time goes by. But it doesn't stop there. The studios also get about half of what the theater makes from their consession stands (food). This also follows the pattern for the ticket money. Now you understand why they charge so much? But still, I understand the prices are ridiculous: $3.50 for a hotdog. $4.25 for nachos. $3.25 for a small drink (without refill). If I were a customer, I wouldn't buy anything. But hey, people still buy their damn popcorn and candy, then complain about it like bitches to the poor cashier that gets lousy $6.75 an hour to stand there, smile, and take their crap.

Now you know the truth. So shut up.

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