Thursday, February 24, 2005


I really liked CONSTANTINE. If Donny would let me, I'll send him a review for the EM Gazette. Afterall, it does deal with a man fighting demons for God. Wait, I already said I liked it, so what would be the point of the review?


I'm only scheduled to work two days this week, which is a bit odd. Maybe they're mad at me because I went $6 over in my cash register on my last shift. For those of you that have never worked with one, it basically means I had more money in the register than I was supposed to. Shouldn't they be thanking me? I made them more money for crying out loud!


Rock Lee, drunken fighter. I forgot who, but someone spoiled that for me long ago, so it's not a surprise now that I'm seeing it in the anime. Thanks, asshole.


  1. reason why you liked constantine...

    to sum it up...

    keanu reeves


  2. ewww .... keanu reeves

    freaking bloody = old boy

    that ruled!!!


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