Saturday, February 12, 2005

Geek Squad

I've been enjoying the latest story arc, with the genins going after Sasuke after his defection. It's strange, but am I the only one unimpressed with Naruto's fight against Kabuto? I've liked everyone else's fights (especially Neji), but I'm just not getting into which I guess should be the most important one. Granted, the fight has barely begun, but come on, it's the umpteenth time seeing that damn kage-bunshin. And he doesn't even use it correctly. He lets the clones attack Kabuto one by one when he can use all hundred (thousand?) of them to get a better result. At least his enemy seems interesting, in a creepy albino Wolverine-wannabe kind of way. I dunno, I guess I'm still bitter that my boy Rock Lee couldn't join their mission. All in due time...

I don't have cable in my room, nor do I have an antenna, so I haven't been watching any TV. Not that I really miss it; the only show I consistently watch is LOST, and I can download that on my computer (in HD no less). I really like how the mystery around the island keeps building, but they better start providing some answers real soon or they're gonna go the way of THE X-FILES, just going around in circles without any real resolution. I want my Hurley flashback!

I wish I can say I was cool enough to know about this band before every rock station started playing their song, "Hysteria," but I can't. All I know is, they're quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Yeah, he sounds like Thom Yorke from Radiohead. Since when was that a bad thing?

Counter-Strike: Source
I dunno if it's because of my wireless connection, but I get some framerate hiccups now playing the game, which has lessened my shooting skills. Yeah, I'm gonna blame it on the "lag" like a newb.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
As previously stated, my TV doesn't work, so thank the Lord I have all three DVD sets, or I would cry myself to sleep every night knowing I'm missing another episode. I've gone through to the second half of season two. There were actually few episodes I had not seen. My favorite so far is the episode where the spiky aliens steal cable. I wish I could do that.

This is a British show that was made by the guys behind SHAUN OF THE DEAD, before that movie was made. There are only 14 episodes in total, and I've seen just the first two, but I'm already placing it in my top five favorite shows of all time. It's basically a show about geeks made by geeks. Lots of movie, television, music, comics, games, and pop culture references abound. I've tried searching for a region free DVD set but they're nonexistant at the moment, so the only way to see the show is by downloading it off the net. Go seek it out, bitches.

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