Sunday, December 19, 2004

Gimp Biscuit


- Tuesday was the broadcasting final. I bombed that.
- Thursday was the Japanese final. I did alrite on that.
- Thursday I also turned in the take-home-final for American Cinema. I hope I didn't bomb that.

It looks like I was done on Thursday, but UH UH. You are wrong, my friends. I also had to write a studio report AND a director report for the aforementioned American Cinema class, due by midnight, TONIGHT. So I worked on those two papers all weekend and just finished them five minutes ago. I gotta say, it feels good. The reports turned out pretty craptacular, but I'm feeling good nonetheless.

Coming up: youth group retreat 29-31, tubing with the jr high group this Thursday, lots of preparing and practicing for praise the whole week, oh and Christmas weekend. Guess correctly which one I'm looking forward to the most and I'll give you a nookie.

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  1. There are few feelings better than the feeling of a long semester coming to an end.


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