Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Confidence Man

Firefox rox my sox.

I can be so damn brilliant sometimes.

This week's recap of LOST:
  • Sawyer is not really "Sawyer."
  • Sayid left on self-imposed exile after stabbing Sawyer's arm.
  • Hurley is still fat.
  • Charlie convinced Claire to move to the cave.
  • The identity of the person that whacked Sayid in last week's episode remains unknown.
  • Kate gave Sawyer a loooong kiss. I think she liked it.
  • I think Jack may be gay. Wouldn't that be crazy? I'll elaborate on this some other time.
  • Sayid's torture method on Sawyer -- ouch.
  • The annoying blonde girl... I forgot her name. Anyway, she has asthma.
  • Locke. I love this character. Is he good or bad? I'm guessing neither.

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  1. when apart, you lead a life so foreign to me. i don't even know what the heck you're talking about


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