Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Some Like It Hot

I love those times when I wipe after I poop and there's nothing there. It feels so clean. I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those guys who like seeing his own crap. Sometimes.

Watching the latest boring-ass story arc in NARUTO and waiting for the new episodes of PRINCE OF TENNIS (and the other anime on my list to the right) to be released have me almost* running to the closet and clawing the still-unopened boxes of my DVDs, games, and other junk so I can watch through COWBOY BEBOP again, from beginning to end. Listening to its awesome soundtrack is not enough. Yes, it's on Adult Swim every Saturday night but come on, do I look like a guy that would stay home on a Saturday night that can stay up that late?

I can watch that show over and over again, which can't be said about many movies or series, especially anime, which is packed with bloated, overindulgent filler-fests such as:

  1. RUROUNI KENSHIN (95 episodes)
  2. DRAGONBALL Z (291 episodes and about 20 movies)
  3. ONE PIECE (135 episodes and still going)
  4. the aforementioned NARUTO (104 episdoes and still LONG way to go)
  5. SLAM DUNK (101 episodes)
  6. ...and so many more

Granted, none of these are BAD anime (I like 4 out of 5), they just go so LONG. I mean, who's actually seen all 291 episodes of DRAGONBALL Z? Unless you're 11 years old**, you better not be raising your hand. I got bored of it halfway through and it's amazing I even lasted that long.

COWBOY BEBOP consists of 26 episodes (and one movie). It's a piece of freakin' art. It's cooler than the "BADASS MOTHERFUCKER" wallet from PULP FICTION. It pwnz j00.

*I'm too lazy to do it.
**If you are, what the hell are you doing on my blog?! There's no porn here. Yet.

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