Wednesday, September 29, 2004


No, not PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. That's the other "POTC." I must have been one of the six people that had not seen this flick. Not anymore.


I hate Mel Gibson.

He's rich and famous. He has a beautiful wife and 46 kids. He has won an Oscar. He can make any movie he wants. He made a buttload of money with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: THE ATTACK OF THE THE'S. He's not one of my favorite actors, but he turns out much better work sitting behind the camera than in front. He did a great job with this movie.

I'm torn about this movie, though. On one hand, as a Christian, I found the film very moving and a worthy testament of the pain and suffering that Jesus, Son of God, went through for me. But on the other hand, as a film geek, I couldn't shake off the feeling that it could have been so much more. There is no story. It's the last act of a story. Gibson assumes the audience already knows the story of Jesus and starts the picture with him getting betrayed by Judas. But what about the people that have never read the bible? It's kinda like showing someone THE RETURN OF THE KING when he hasn't seen (or read) THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING or THE TWO TOWERS.

There is no character development. Sure, Gibson uses flashbacks to show Jesus before he became a "prophet," but they're few and far between. Why didn't Gibson start the story from the beginning, when Jesus was born? Or at least show some stuff like Jesus healing the blind, or resurrecting Lazarus or something. No... he just wants to show Jesus falling for the umpteenth time.

Which brings me to the blood. This is one of the most gruesome, gory, and violent films I've seen. And this is coming from a guy who owns ICHI THE KILLER. It's pretty overwhelming at times -- that whipping scene is brutal -- but it's all necessary. This is what He went through for you people! But I do find it ironic that the same Christians that trash a movie for nudity or sex praised this movie, which is filled with horrible images of a man getting tortured for two hours. "Boobs bad, blood good."

But hey, that's something to talk about another day.

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  1. Passion was a pretty good movie, not up there in my top 10 list. It's a movie that I would buy on DVD but only watch is once every few years.


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