Tuesday, September 21, 2004

No, committing seppuku is not an option.

My "Intro to Boring Crap Broadcasting" class is filled with flippin' idiots.

Instructor: So let's name off some FOX channels. There's FOX Sports, FOX News...
Regular Student: FOX Family.
Instructor: Oh really? Okay, FOX Family...
Smacktard #1: Home & Garden?
Instructor: FOX Home & Garden?
Smacktard #1: Oh no! Nevermind.

Instructor: Anyone watch the PAX channel? Who watches it regularly?
Bimbo #38: Ooh ooh!
Instructor: How often do you watch it?
Bimbo #38: Oh I just watch "Touched by An Angel."
Instructor: What kind of advertising do you see on that channel?
Bimbo #38: Uhh... I've only seen it once. I was flipping through channels.
Instructor: ...

Instructor: Let's talk about video recording. What kind of programs do you guys record with your VCR?
Regular Student #2: Movies.
Instructor: Good. How about you?
Smacktard with Lisp: At my houthe, V-thi-R is obtholete. We uthe DVR to record thtuff. We have 47 DVD'th of the Olympicth.
Instructor: O... kay...

It's okay. I've lost my faith in mankind years ago.


  1. Not to be messed but this you straight up laugh at any of them because I would have...

  2. HAHAHHA. i had fun reading that. i like the names you used to call them. especially "smacktard." HAHAHHA

  3. in my math class...

    teacher: (reads a word problem) "so...the problem says...in China there are more than 1.5 billion people living in the communist country..."

    student: "umm not everyone is communist in china are they?"

    teacher: "no, its unfortunate their government is..."

    student: "not everyone in China are communist, my mom told me that"

    teacher: "yes not everyone is communist in China"

    student: "yea not everyone who lives in China are communist"

    teacher "yes.... um, okay"

  4. wicked post... I'm taking tv pros, broadcast, mass media.. yada yada.. and mm hmm, they don't "filter out" the simple-minded ;)... it's quite entertaining might I add, keeps me awake in class.... keep rockin'


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