Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ska Made Me a Jerk

Job Search Status: Dammit, I really need to starty applying to places.

So instead of accompanying The Wench to Frisco for her job interview, I ended up staying here in The O.C. (as the TV folks like to call it). Why? Because now I'm helping out with praise for the youth group retreat. Mark can't get Friday (the first day of the retreat) off from his job, so I'll be leading that night. We had our first practice on Tuesday. How did it go? Well, my ears are still ringing. Take that as you will.

Paul, Dooj and I will be doing an acoustic "unplugged" session for the talent show next Saturday. We've narrowed down to a few songs:
  1. "He" by Jars of Clay
  2. "Walking After You" by Foo Fighters
  3. "Stare At the Sun" by Thrice
  4. anything by Jack Johnson
  5. "Tribute" by Tenacious D

I'm leaning toward the last choice myself, but I'm not sure we can pull it off. It'd be damn hilarious if we do, though.

I think I'm going to save up (when I get a job) for a Vespa. I don't really need a car, and I could just get a regular motorcycle, but who wants to be boring? Certainly not I, my friends. A Vespa is cooler than any motorcycle in my book. The title of that book? A Vespa Is Cooler Than Any Motorcycle. I thought of it first, bitches. I better not hear anything about you ass clowns wanting a Vespa of your own, ya dig?


  1. hey! i wanted a vespa first!!!
    just kidding :p

  2. I hope you don't keep the bad words in "Tribute" if you do it. Swearing fucking sucks.


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