Thursday, July 01, 2004

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Krikorian is getting really crowded now. That place used to be deserted. John came with us to see the movie. Wow. We see this guy like once a season. See you in the fall, Johnny. Drew and Keisuke got lost on the way. It's understandable; they've only been there 14 times. Paul lost his ticket right when we started going in. Luckily, they let him through.

We've been lucky so far with most of the recent superhero movies, you know, actually being good. The X-MEN series, the BLADE series, I even liked DAREDEVIL despite Ben Affleck's involvement, and no matter what everyone says, I still liked HELLBOY. Then we have the new and improved BATMAN coming next year. Okay, HULK sucked. I'll give you that.

Which brings us to SPIDER-MAN. I never understood why there's a hyphen in his name, but whatever. I really liked the first movie, especially the first half of it when Peter gets his powers and starts training and stuff. The action was good, casting was great, direction by lifelong Spidey fan Sam Raimi was awesome. The sequel is pretty much the first movie, squared. Everything is better, including the villain. The Green Goblin was a decent villain to start off the franchise, but Dr. Octopus is so much deadlier. The action is so good -- everybody's gonna be talking about the train fight, so I'll just keep it short and say that part made me utter "whoa" about seven times. Keanu, eat your heart out.

I really liked the little touches Sam Raimi brought in from his older films. The feel of the scene when Dr. Octopus "wakes up," it's like a horror movie. And that mini-chainsaw? Pure EVIL DEAD. And since it's a Raimi film, we have cameos by Bruce Campbell as the snooty usher and Ted Raimi getting verbally abused by J. Jonah Jameson. How did Sam Raimi go from ARMY OF DARKNESS to SPIDER-MAN? The world may never know.

Oh, and that intro with images by Alex Ross highlighting the first movie? FLIPPIN' SWEET.

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