Monday, July 12, 2004

Let My Words Be Few

One down, one more to go.

Praise for EM went okay, I think. I couldn't hear the congregation singing so I thought my mic and guitar were too loud, but Doosuan told me after service that they just weren't singing. Oh. What a relief. Well it's all in the past and I'm over it. They'll get Sung back next week and I won't have to do it ever again, so everyone's happy.

Now begins the preparation for Friday night youth group worship. I haven't heard from Adrian about whether or not he'll be playing drums for us. I asked Eric as backup but he's going to Six Flags on Friday with the college group. So we're without a drummer. I would do it all acoustic like I've always done, but the kids wouldn't want that.

Also preparing games for the jr high kids on Friday. And we still haven't officially met to discuss activities for the retreat.

Remember when I had zero resposibilities because I had a fulltime job? Me either.


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