Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I hate you, Morpheus

First, there was the wavy-haired Japanese guitarist. Now comes the blindfolded Japanese pianist. Man, our far east brothers are hardcore. Yes, I watched all 10 minutes of it.

fortune cookie from, like, a week ago: "A good time to finish up old tasks." I guess it's referring to the three chapters I owe Gracie. Tonight.

I'm gonna be poor again, very soon. I've been splurging on too much stuff. Today I bought all of Hillsong United CD's and musicbooks. ALL OF THEM. I swear this is the last splurge. For this month.

I'm sick. It might have been from the beach, but I think it's more likely that Grace passed her cold on to me. You know, to spite me, 'cause... you know, like, yeah.

I think I've had too many pills.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

For everything else...

You know what this world needs more of? Guitar-wielding ninjas.

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full tank of gas: $45
bike rentals: $300
boat rentals: $440 (-$300 deposit)
enough food to last three days: $150
playing Mafia 164 times with twelve 7th graders: insane in the membrane.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Still Jenny from the Block

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is the best movie of the year. I would've enjoyed it even more if I wasn't being hit on by little high school girls sitting next to me. Idiots!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Ocho

"Fuckin' Chuck Norris."

Greatest last-line ever.

And on that note,

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(lyrics are not 100% correct)

Glen, Glen Glen Glen
Glen Glen Glen
Glen Glen Glen

Glen's the man, going to work
Got his tie, got ambition
Middleman is soon right within his grasp
It's a dream that he'll never let die
Glen's the man of the hour
He's the king of his cube
Status call reports have finally met their rival
Open the candlelit both ends on his way to the top
He knows one day he just could become...

Roy, Roy Roy Roy

Friday, June 18, 2004

Super Size Me

I'll never eat another McNugget again.

Morgan Spurlock ate McDonalds every day, three meals per day, for 30 days. He gained about 25 pounds, doubled the risk of heart disease, and endangered his liver and kidneys. He was tired and depressed most of the time and went through mood swings. For the last 10 months, I've been eating at least one fast food meal per day while working at Cingular in Amerige Heights. Sometimes two. In Amerige Heights you can eat at McDonalds, Taco Bell (which combined with Pizza Hut and KFC in one store), Rubios, Panda Express, Top Class Pizza, Islands, and Togos. I would rotate between all those throughout the week when I worked. There's also Souplantation but I've only been there once. I haven't gained weight. But I am curious about the other stuff, like the possibility of heart disease. I do feel like crap most of the time and I never thought it would be because of the food I've been eating. I'm gonna cut down on the daily soda intake for sure.

And no more super sizing.

Monday, June 14, 2004

It's free!

Busy weekend.

Friday - I went to church early to practice for praise with Paul and Dusty. I love playing with Dusty because he's so good at guitar; all I have to do is tell him what I want to hear and he plays it. Musical genius. Jr high played some games with Steve JDSN to get to know him better. Denise came by for a visit with her boyfriend, John. He looks a lot like Nick, one of the 8th graders. Denise introduced them to each other and I think she even took a picture of them together. After all that, it was time for the lock-in. The boys were super hyper and wouldn't sleep, so I had to be mean and I made an example out of Paul Bae (one of the twins). He probably hates me now. At least after that they went to sleep.

Saturday - We left for Six Flags at around 8:30. The entire group, about 18 people including teachers, stayed together for the whole day. We couldn't go on that many rides because the park was way too crowded, resulting in horrendously long lines (2 to 3 hour wait). When we were in line for Goliath, the ride broke down. Lots of people in front of us left thinking that it was gonna be a long time before it was fixed. So we ended up going from the middle of the line to the way front. And right when we got there, the ride got fixed. Good times. Goliath is awesome by the way. That first drop is just disgusting. We left pretty early, around 7. We stopped by King Taco on the way home and had dinner. After the kids went home, I went to see THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. Vin Diesel is not an actor with a whole lot of range. Riddick is the perfect character for him. He doesn't talk much, he speaks in a low growl when he actually does, and he does a lot of action stuff. Perfect for Diesel. I really liked the movie (gotta love that ending, so CONAN THE BARBARIAN), but I think I'm in the minority. The other guys didn't like it at all. To each his own.

Sunday - church. After a short practice with Paul and Dusty, it was time for service. Grace tripped on my guitar wire which resulted in my guitar not coming out of the amp. Since the wires are so flaky and the sound would go in and out at the slightest touch, we were worried about it all through practice. And here God just takes it out of the way so there would be less distraction. Heh. I think the praise went pretty well. I heard a lot of kids singing; it's usually pretty quiet. Steve JDSN told a good sermon about worship, and led some kids to reconfirm their faith and get back to God. It's nice to finally have a JDSN again. After that, it was EM service. I had to constantly fight back the sleep that I so desperately wanted. I don't remember much. Retreat meeting for teachers. I volunteered for the "recreation" committee with Diane and Eric. We're basically in charge of the games, which I have absolutely no experience in. We'll see how that goes. Then off to Heidi's for her graduation dinner. We watched game 4 of the NBA finals while we ate. Some adults came and watched it with us. I think they hated us because we were cheering for the Pistons, especially Deborah Lo's mom. After Detroit won, we kept saying "YES" and shook our fist to rub it in her face. TAKE THAT, DEBORAH'S MOM.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Crystal Chronicles

fortune cookie: "Happy events will take place shortly in your home."

I get waken up by the same damn crows every morning. I dunno if they're mating or what but their noise is driving me insane. They're still going at it!

I play all day, every day. Life is good. For now. The money is draining quickly.

I haven't started on the chapters I promised Grace. How can I write when I don't even have time to blog? At least I have ideas on what to write for two chapters; the third, I don't know.

Graduations. I can't stand 'em. Today is Sunny Hills. I don't particularly care for this year's seniors except Heidi and Minhee (and J. Lo -- his is next week). We'll see if I end up attending.

Tomorrow is Parks jr high. I should go to that. It would be great if Davi could do the speech, but that won't be happening. How do I know? I got connections baby.

Tomorrow is also the lock-in for the 8th graders, then Six Flags on Saturday. I kinda have to go since most of the teachers aren't going. I'm not looking forward to it too much, though. First of all, most of the 8th grade boys are not going. I gotta babysit bunch of girls all day? Second of all, I have bad memories of Six Flags. That's actually the subject for the second chapter (I think), so I won't get into that here.

I'm supposed to lead praise this Sunday. I'm a little excited since I haven't done it for about 9 months or something like that. Which reminds me -- I need to practice. Oh and I need to do laundry.

Friday, June 04, 2004


Saw a sillhouette cross a flurorescent
Floating overhead, undoing his helmet
Through the murky beams of blue-green sea life
I saw him spinning towards the moonlight

I pulled him in
He wasn't breathing
His eyes were wide
I saw two of me there
There's an ugly buzz that hovers just above the quiet
I found a way to make it silent

I'm coming up for air
I'm coming up for air

They hold my hand
And ask me to pull through
A voice I know says
"Dear, he probably can't hear you"

I'm coming up for air
I'm coming up for air
I'm coming up for air

Thursday, June 03, 2004


I did it. Now let's see how long this one lasts.

I saw a Korean movie called SILMIDO. It was pretty good, but one thing kept bugging me througout the whole movie -- Koreans are masters of overacting. You thought Al Pacino was bad in DEVIL'S ADVOCATE? Imagine 30 Al Pacinos playing soldiers. I've never heard so much yelling and screaming in a movie not titled HALLOWEEN. Enough of the acting, the story was really good. I'm assuming it was based on a true events. Grace cried.

Speaking of Grace, we made a bet before the movie began whether or not it would have subtitles. Since the movie was playing at the Cerritos mall beside TROY, DAY AFTER TOMORROW, SHREK 2, and a bunch of other mainstream American movies, I assumed it would have subtitles. There was no hint of Korean beside the title for SILMIDO. Grace heard from Dustin (who heard from someone else) that the movie didn't have subtitles. She won the bet. Now I have to write THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS for my epic novel by the end of this month. Dammitwhynosubtitlesstupidkoreansikillyou!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I had you at "wet burrito."

My neck got burned from the "training" the other day. It was already pretty dark before, but now there's a bright red ring around it. I'm officially the skinniest redneck alive.

I'm gonna get this done, probably today. I got to keep the first one for only about a month because of the job at Islands two years ago, and now that I'm free for the Summer, I think this will be my last chance. Posted by Hello

So it's the Lakers versus Pistons for the championship. I know Detroit plays great defense, but we all know who's gonna win, don't we? I don't know why I hate the Lakers so much -- maybe because they seem so damn cocky. I know why, it's Shaq. I hate him with passion. I like it when he makes fun of Craig Sager though.

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