Monday, May 31, 2004

Outtasite, Outtamind

I'm now jobless free. Free from the shackles of a thankless, underpaid job. Free from the whiny retards that make up 98.52% of the Cingular customer base. Free from sitting at the computer for 9 hours every day. Free from THE WORST MANAGER IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD. Free from the daily diet of Panda Express, Rubios, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Togos. Free from the ESL rejects at corporate. Free from... paychecks.

Aww crap.

Today I officially started my basketball training. Lesson 1: dribbling. I suck at dribbling. I just shoot jumpers. I decided the first step to expand my game is to work on my dribbling. I dribbled all the way to church (and back) with my left hand. It felt awkward in the beginning since I always dribble with my right hand. The ball would go random places -- it bounced off my feet a few times and I had to chase it down like a dork. I shot around a bit at church, got a slurpee, and came back home. By the end, it felt a little more comfortable dribbling with my left hand.

I'll be helping out for the Summer retreat. John MSN told me yesterday I need to come to the next meeting on the 13th, so I guess I'm in. I think I'm gonna volunteer to teach the 9th graders, the same class I had last Summer. Or should I take the 7th graders, who I'll probably end up with after the retreat? Or maybe they don't even need teachers. Maybe they want me to help out with other stuff. Speaking of which, the guys told me I should lead praise for the retreat. I was horrified and said no. It's a huge reponsibility. I think Mark does a good job with the youth group, and he'll probably end up doing it anyway, so I shouldn't think too much of it.

Too much on my mind, but I don't want to write anymore.


  1. coming soon: the return of the praise leader?

  2. It is a huge responsibility but in return, it's also a huge blessing. Not that, that should be the reason but something to consider. I'm sure God will use you in His Glory either way.


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