Sunday, April 18, 2004

Volume 2

EDIT: 4/19/04 - 12:07am


I saw it on opening night with a group of friends. I liked it, but I prefer the first movie, which doesn't really make sense because it's all supposed to be just one big movie anyway. You don't hear people say, "You know, I really liked the first half of GIGLI. The second half just didn't have enough J. Lo." Actually no one would say that because no one saw that damn movie. It sucked. But I disgress.

People expecting kickass action and tons of blood and gore will go home disappointed after seeing VOL. 2. The first movie moved at a lightning pace with hardly any breaks. Tarantino slowed it down and told the story behind the characters in this volume. He finally shows why Bill shoots The Bride. He shows how The Bride got to be such an ass-kicker. He shows how Elle Driver lost her eye. All that good stuff. Vol. 2 also goes back to the vintage Tarantino from his old flicks: Long, drawn-out dialgue. Cool, quirky characters. Pai Mei rules. Budd rules. Elle rules. Even Bill rules, kinda. That fight inside Budd's trailer? Freaking beautiful my friend. Training with Pai Mei? Freaking awesome. Tarantino obviously has seen a lot of kung fu flicks. I do think that Bill had one too many speeches (I particularly didn't really care for his "Superman" speech), noteworthy especially because David Carradine speaks...really...slow. And the final fight was a bit of a letdown. I knew how Bill would die. And the fight itself was damn short. After all that buildup...bah. Minor complaints. I loved everything else.

Quentin, I beg you. Next time you make a 4-hour movie and think it's "too long" and that "mainstream audience wouldn't be patient enough to sit through my movie," DON'T FREAKING CUT IT IN HALF. Hate to break this to ya, but, your flicks are NOT mainstream. RESERVOIR DOGS? Too violent. Too much cussing. PULP FICTION? Too talky. Too much drugs. And ass-rape. People don't dig ass-rape. (Well, not everyone.) Face it bud, only movie geeks and fanboys salivate over your what you'll do next. Just keep making movies for us, and forget about pleasing the masses of asses. I hear you're gonna join and edit the two volumes together, like it was intended in the first place, and release it later on. That's cool. I, like the sheep that I am, will go and gladly pay another $8. You're making me poor, man.


I will be moving soon. Adrian and I agreed to room together again and will be looking for a place in Fullerton. I'm excited, he's excited, The Wench isn't.

I want to see this movie right now.

Bye bye hair.

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