Sunday, March 21, 2004

Law & Order

I just got home after watching some NBA action at Doojin's house. On my way home, a cop pulled over beside me. We had a nice little chat.

Pig: Hey, stop. (waits for me to stop my bike and look at him) Where are you going?
Me: Home.
Pig: Where's that?
Me: (points ahead) Over there on Artesia.
Pig: Where are you coming from?
Me: From my friend's house.
Pig: How old are you?
Me: 24.
Pig: You sound like you're annoyed with my questions. Why is that?
Me: Well...let's just say that I've had some back luck with cops.
Pig: Oh yeah? Like what?
Me: Like getting my car taken away.
Pig: A cop took your car?
Me: Yup.
Pig: Why?
Me: I didn't renew my registration.
Pig: It was over six months?
Me: ...Something like that.
Pig: (starts talking less like a dick) Well ya know, we don't just take cars from anyone.
Me: Yeah I know.
Pig: You know you're missing a headlight on your bike?
Me: You mean this? (points at something on the handlebar)
Pig: ...That's the reflector. You don't have a headlight.
Me: Okay...
Pig: Have you ever been arrested?
Me: No.
Pig: Sure?
Me: Pretty sure.
Pig: Listen, I only stopped you because there's a guy going around trying to break into parked cars around here.
Me: On Artesia?
Pig: No. On Malvern.
Me: Okay...
Pig: Alright. I'll let you get home then. Be careful with that bike.
Me: ...

I really have nothing to say after that.

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