Tuesday, February 24, 2004

"You calling moi, a dipshit?"

Ken Watanabe, the bald dude that's not a 5 foot white guy trying to hold a sword in The Last Samurai, is rumored to be cast as Ra's Al Ghul in Batman: We Still Don't Have An Official Title Yet. Not my first choice, but solid nonetheless. In my fantasy world he would actually play the role of Batman himself, with the name of his alter ego changed to Bruce Wang. "Late night again, Master Wang?"*


"Huh. It smells...Pine Sol-ish in here."
It IS Pine Sol, you dipshit.

"Hey! Wake up, fellas! HA-HA! You guys look bored! I'll give you something to do -- look up my account and see what my rate plan is!"
Shut the fuck up.

I'm sorry, but I fucking hate you people. I'm moving to Antarctica.


*Okay, I realize that Alfred always says "Master Bruce," not "Master Wayne" like I implied. Just work with me here.

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