Sunday, February 15, 2004

Hana, Sena, Mina.

The Triplets of Bellville is the best animated movie no one has seen. The film is told almost entirely through motion and action instead of relying on dialogue, so it doesn't really matter that it was made by a bunch of offbeat French animators. The film is original, kinetic, and hilarious. In many ways, we have a story very much like that of Finding Nemo.

There is a lost child and a guardian trying to save him. The child lives with his club-footed grandmother who is taking care of him now that his parents are gone. She tries to cheer him up by getting him a dog, but it doesn't work. Then she discovers that he has a bicycle fetish due to one photo he has of his parents and him and a bicycle. He's obsessed with various bicycle races going around, so she gets him a bike and starts training him. This is all shown with ABSOLUTELY NO DIALOGUE WHATSOEVER. Brilliant.

Wait till you see the calves on this boy.

And I haven't even told you about the egg beater, the scale device, the dog's dreams, the guys that abduct him, the paddling, the hand grenades, and some messed up stuff with frogs.

I loved Finding Nemo, but I love this film even more.

It's unbelievable that this movie was not nominated for an Oscar in Best Animated Feature. What, so it can be replaced with Brother Bear?!

The only reason the movie is rated PG-13 is because of the monkey sequence in the beginning. Animated breasts. Big deal. We've all had a tit shoved in our mouth when we were babies so let's all just get over the whole "boobs are offensive" attitude that reached its peak recently with the Super Bowl fiasco.

Go and see the movie! Take your kids! This movie needs a bigger audience! Teach those Disney idiots this is how it should be done!

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