Thursday, February 05, 2004

Good Morning Vietnam

Not a good week at work, to say the least.

Customers have been more bitchy than usual. I was pretty close to snapping on one earlier today, but The Wench made the save by coming to the store in the nick of time.

We went to eat at Lee's Sandwiches, and coincidently met Adrian and Jenny there. So long. So cheap. No, I'm not talking about Adrian.

After I came back from lunch, I was interviewed, nay, interrogated by (who I believe was) a mystery shopper. If you don't know who they are, they're the fine folks that are employed by a company -- in this case, Cingular -- that go around stores posing as customers for quality assurance.

quality assurance = checking to make sure your ass is of utmost quality.

I told the guys that if I don't show up at work tomorrow, it'll be because I'm fired. Hey, no complaints from me.

Solo, Paul, and Dooj came by after work and we had dinner. At Lee's. Again.

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