Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Day 40

I'm done.

It took me three months, but I'm done.

Shut up.

Today a middle-aged man came to upgrade two of his phones under his business account. The name of his business? A Fine Touch of Wood. His name? Hani Abinaked. I dunno, I thought it was funny.

I ordered a new monitor last week -- 19 inch Viewsonic CRT -- and it arrived yesterday. It's freakin' beautiful. I've been using an old 17 inch Proton (pro what?) that Solomon lent to me a while ago. (thanks Solo) It had horrendous refresh rates, which I wholeheartedly blame for my deteriorating vision. Now I don't have to hunch over and squint at the monitor as I play Counterstrike work hard on my novel. Okay, I still do hunch like Quasimodo and if you're not down with that, I have two words for ya: Suck. It.*

Point to Ponder: Living with purpose is the only way to really live.

Verse to Remember: "For David . . . served the purpose of God in his own generation." Acts 13:36 (NASB)

Question to Consider: When will you take the time to write down your answers to life's five great questions? When will you put your purpose on paper?

*Billy Gunn sucks.

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