Wednesday, January 21, 2004


doojpooj (8:27:57 PM): or just get a vox
doojpooj (8:28:05 PM): they'll be like WHAT THE VOX IS GOING ON?!

Tonight's #1 song on KROQ: "Mad World" by Gary Jules.
This vexes me because:
(a) it was used in Donnie Darko, a (brilliant) movie that was released in 2001.
(b) it's not a rock song, it's a cover of a rock song. Actually, I don't know if I can consider Tears for Fears as a rock band.
(c) I hate Stryker. He needs to die a slow, agonizing death alongside Ashton Kutcher.

I like the song, alright? I downloaded it right after watching the movie 3 freakin' years ago. Just don't play it on what's supposed to be a rock station. AND STOP PLAYING RAP FOR CHRISSAKES. If I wanted to hear Outkast, I wouldn't be tuning in to a radio station called KROQ!

Having said (c), I still want to see The Butterfly Effect. I want to kill myself.

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