Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Day 33

"Hey I got a great deal for you today."
Oh... kay...
"Check this out."
(pulls out a bag of lotion and lays it on the counter)
"That's from Bath & Bodyworks. It's usually sold for around $50. You won't believe the price I'll give you: 15 bucks!"
"So, what do you think?"
Uh, I'm not really into this kind of stuff.
"Oh really? Well me either!"
(throws the bag of lotions down on the floor)
"Fuck that!"
(pulls out a wallet)
"How about this? I'll give you two for 5 bucks! That's a frggin' deal!"
(I look over the wallet)
Hmm. Okay, I'll take 'em.
(his face is elated, but he quickly recovers to not look so desperate)
"Sweet. Here ya go."

I had lunch with Dooj and Keisuke at Rubio's. We saw Lola, Daniel, Erin, and millions of other little kids since it's finals week and they get out early. We all agreed that we need to play more DOUBLE DASH.

Point to Ponder: You serve God by serving others.

Verse to Remember: "If you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded." Matthew 10:42 (NLT)

Question to Consider: Which of the six characteristics of real servants offers the greatest challenge to you?

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