Thursday, December 18, 2003

Day 17

I have the flu. I hate you all.

*WARNING: mild spoilers below*

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

"And here we have the game of Lord of the Rings checkers -- normally played indoors by 9-year-olds."

Went to the midnight show on Tuesday. Line started forming at 9:30, John was there at that time. The rest of us met up around 10. We killed about an hour in the cold, then they let us in at 11.

Things I liked:
- The battles. They make Helm's Deep look like a playground fight.
- Legolas taking down something... big, singlehandedly.
- "That only counts as one!"
- Gandalf knocking out Denethor.
- Gandalf using "blind."
- He's also pretty good with that sword and staff, isn't he?
- The Witch King and his giant spiked mace. I would like to see him fight Go Go Yubari from Kill Bill.
- Shelob.
- "You bow to no one."
- Gollum's "ending." So happies.
- The camera shot following a huge rock hurled into a crowd of orcs. Think Pearl Harbor, minus the suck.
- The Army of the Dead.
- Pippen singing to Denethor while Faramir leads a charge towards Osgiliath.
- Samwise. His reaction after Frodo's "order" is... yeah.
- The pub scene at the Shire.
- The ending(s). I was tempted to put this under the "Things I didn't like" category, but it ultimately goes here. Most people will complain that it's too long, and I agreed at the time of viewing since I was sick and was sleepy as hell. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. Remember, they are wrapping up 3 films here. Or one 10 hour movie. It should have a long ending.

Things I didn't like:
- Stuff that doesn't make sense if you haven't seen the extended versions of the previous films. For example, Frodo using the "light" against Shelob. Also the stuff with Denethor.
- Again, Faramir is highly underused.
- Frodo's "Gaaaaannnndaaaaallllf" line. Dooj and Keisuke cracked up at that. Score one for unintentional comedy.
- The "gay" stuff between Frodo and Sam. Yes, people have been making fun of it since the first film, and this one will not help it end. It doesn't really bother me since they're supposed to be best friends, but I totally see why people would get worked up about it. At least there's no kissing (on the lips). It'll be in the extended version.
- No Saruman. Peter Jackson explained that he cut out Saruman's scene because he has no importance in this movie, but I think they should have done more than just gloss over the wizard in the beginning. He'll be in the extended version for sure, but they should actually put the scene back in the end of The Two Towers.
- It's over. No more "I can't wait till next year." Unless they make The Hobbit, but there's some rights issues that's hindering the project.
- No movie trailers before the show. No Spider-Man 2 (which is awesome btw, you can see it here), no Riddick, none whatsoever. Irrelevant to the movie, yes, but it still irked me.
- Having to work the next same day.

Yes, I'm nitpicking. That's what geeks do. All these will probably change anyway when I watch it 30 more times.

*End of LOTR stuff*

Point to Ponder: You are called to belong, not just believe.

Verse to Remember: "In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." Romans 12:5 (NIV)

Question to Consider: Does your level of involvement in your local church demonstrate that you love and are committed to God's family?

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