Wednesday, November 26, 2003

"Wow. That's impressive."

I went to see the doctor today (my first time, ever) and found out what I've been fearing: I have tonsilitis. He said it was one of the worst ones he's ever seen and gave me some antibiotics to take once a day. He also gave me a shot since he thought the symtom was severe. The last three days, I've been under so much pain. Everytime I swallowed something, it felt like my throat was getting ripped apart. After the shot and and taking down an antibiotic pill, I feel a lot better. The pain is still there, but the level has dropped by like 90%. My ass still sore though. Hopefully I should be able to eat tomorrow (Thanksgiving!). I still talk like Leonardo DiCaprio from What's Eating Gilbert Grape but that's okay. If I ever need to play a retard, now I know how.

Adrian and I should be starting Final Fantasy XI pretty soon. I already got my copy, now I'm just waiting for him. I think he's getting more people interested too, like Doosuan. That should be fun.

I'll be working this whole weekend, Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. And starting December 12 till New Years, that will be the schedule for the whole week. I'll only be getting one day off per week, and it can't be on the weekend. So that means no church for a while. Looks like Paul's gotta step it up and take charge for jr high. Remember, Paul -- this is all God's doing.

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